Why Water

A vision to provide affordable and safe drinking water by managing community- scale water treatment facilities across the country, with a strong focus on social outreach and ensuring empowerment. Our founders Nitin Nohria (Dean of the Harvard Business School in the USA and one of the leading consultants in the world), Sunil Ghorawat (one of the leading name in the water world) and Dr. Nohria (leading personality in the corporate world) started Waterpoint do something socially good in the field of water.

In the community drinking water space two skill sets are essential. One must have a strong technology, engineering and production capability in water treatment. Secondly, one must have a strong operational and maintenance capability on the ground, with a social NGO approach

Most companies working in this field come from either of these two backgrounds. Waterpoint is perhaps the only organization that has a combination of both the above capabilities.

Building a plant is relatively easy, but successfully running it over time, increasing penetration levels and making a positive impact on the society requires a lot of effort. Hands-on, we have been able to develop a lot of learning's which have been incorporated as standard operating procedures in our system.

Our journey in this field started in Punjab and we now have over 130 plants running successfully for over 5 years and now we have plants installed and working in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. By the end of 2016, we would have over 2000 water vending machines that we are running in these and other states across the country. This scale and experience is perhaps the best in the country.

We have been working with corporate on CSR activities for some time. The two largest corporate CSR projects in community drinking water – Canara Bank and Cairn India – have both been done by us. This experience has been very useful, and we hope to extend it further.

A strong reach, presence and robust managerial team with effective corporate governance ensure that we understand corporate requirements and deliver accordingly.

Value Proposition

  1. Focus on Low Income & Rural Communities
  2. High Affordability vs Alternatives
  3. Highly responsive to Women & Children needs


  1. Creating new Public Private Partnership models
  2. Visible, Tangible returns for stakeholders
  3. Leveraging the Water platform for additional products


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