Providing clean and safe drinking water solution at affordable price with fast deployment for communities.

India's largest solar run community drinking water plant at Sewniwala, Barmer

  • Cairn India under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Public Health and Engineering Department (PHED) of Rajasthan is establishing clean water plants across Barmer District. The first plant based on this pioneering initiative and India's largest solar operated community based RO Plant, has been installed at Sewniwala in Baytu Tehsil. The solar plant will generate a power of 5KW which can be used for 8-10 hrs of plant operations.
  • This installation has put Sewniwala on world map and will help in improving various health issues of the local people by providing purified drinking water at their door step.

Canara Bank CSR Project

  • Canara Bank is using its CSR fund to provide safe drinking water to village like Kolar & Chikkaballapura districts of Karnataka and the village panchayat will provide land.
  • The project has on Build operated Transfer (B.O.T.) basis and the Project executer will install and operate the water purification plant for 5 years.
  • Waterpoint will install, operate and maintain preferably RO based wvm in the area and sell water to commuters at a fixed price and Waterpoint will set-up 43 such plants under the project.
  • Treated water is to be sold to the general public at site at 25 paisa per liter or Rs 5 per 20 Ltr jar.

  • First Community Water Plant in Haryana adopting Hub and Spoke Model
  • Maximum coverage using 4 dispensers – Water for All
  • More than 40% penetration before Installation
  • Achieved penetration more than 70% and still growing

PHED Haryana

In recent years, PaIwal has experienced a rapid rise in population which has presented with its unique set of challenges of which provisioning for potable drinking water is high on agenda since it is need and right of every human being, whether residents or comprising the floating population. The Government also strongly believes that provision of safe and clean drinking water for the floating population & commuters in the commercial hub and core market areas of Palwal city will not only reduce instances of water borne diseases such as diarrhea etc. but will also lead to overall increment in health indices and development of the family and overall society. Thus, Public Health & Engineering Department of Palwal has resolved to initiate a state-of-the-art KIOSK based community drinking water system, for Rural & floating population besides the national Highway.

It is pertinent to mention here that several community drinking water distribution systems, of similar kinds which have been successfully running in and around the country wherein the efficacy and efficiency of such systems can be clearly observed in various states such as Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Maharashtra etc. where it has been readily accepted by the community and has led to decrease in diseases and ailments.


Advanced Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) units provide safe drinking water on a monthly subscription basis as a preventative measure against water-borne diseases. EHP water points have a water source building and an R.O. plant to purify water. Various steps of filtration take place and purified water is distributed thereafter. The villagers can easily obtain their drinking and cooking water at an affordable price in their local community.

Cairn Jeevan Amrit Project

Cairn India's "Jeevan Amrit Yojana" kiosks with reverse osmosis (RO) plants has been installed to provide safe drinking water in villages like Bhakharpur, Kawas, Guda, Jogasar, Aakdada and Baytu to benefit 22.000 people."The project is a good example of a PPP model, where Cairn India has partnered with the Rajasthan governments Public Health Engineering Department (PHED), Tata Projects and the respective village panchayats to provide potable drinking water at the doorsteps of the local community.

  • Safe drinking water to rural districts of Rajasthan.
  • Local employment generation and women's empowerment

Jaldoot – Entrepreneurial Safe Drinking Water Delivery Model

  • Jaldoot model innovatively addresses challenges in the water sector, such as access to safe drinking water and reliability of access and creates an effective alternate water delivery model via empowering women through long term sustainable employment through a uniquely designed entrepreneurial format
  • Through this, Jaldoot will develop a highly reliable and responsive supply chain to affordable expand access to safe drinking water and distribute goods and services, thereby reducing the exploitation of BoP (Bottom of Pyramid) during the traditional transactional system


Water Point provides hygienic service dispensing potable water through the machines is helpful in providing pure water efficiently and hygienically at an affordable price.

    Automated Water Dispensing Machine
  • Quality water as per W.H.O /BIS drinking water guidelines
  • Drinking water anytime (24x7), without any operator dependency
  • High end automation, low maintenance cost and easily scalable
  • Over 1000 plants at various railway stations


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